Future Projects

The Body Fortress Whey – An affiliate store/blog focusing on one of the more popular protein powder supplements.  I’ll provide price comparison shopping tools, and information about the product compared to other protein supplements. I was a little overeager and bought the domain on May 24, 2013

SmallFryThreadz.com – this is a project I’m working on for my wife.  She sells used kids clothing locally, online, and she just opened up a “company” website on Facebook. She has made more online than I ever have.  I know that’s not saying much since I’ve never made a dime, but she really is doing quite well.

Something to do with Languages – languages have been a passion of mine ever since I took my first trip to Mexico.  After that it was Quebec, Japan and Sweden!

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) – this is a pretty major interest of mine. I only wish it would have gone mainstream 15 years ago; back when I was doing Muy Thai. At my age the whole game is definitely out, but I’m am working towards getting back into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) again. I just have to rehabilitate these shoulders!

Something to do with Forex – this is pretty much my biggest hobby.  Although, for the moment at least, it seems to be taking a back seat to blogging :)  I’ll be sure to create a blog or site around this subject in the near future.

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